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Call for Papers for Panel Envi04: Changing communities in mountain areas between certainties and uncertainties (SIEF2023-Conference 07-10 June 2023)

The call is open till 10 January 2023
Venue: In presence at Masaryk University, Brno, Czech Republic

Tobias Boos (Free University Bolzano-Bozen)
Daniela Salvucci (Free University Bolzano-Bozen)
Pier Paolo Viazzo (University of Turin)
Roberta Clara Zanini (University of Turin)

Abstract: “Change” has been one of the main topics in the study of communities in mountain areas, at least since the 1970s. It has often been understood in relation to modernization, as a linear and irreversible socioeconomical process, leading both to development, from peasant to farming and tourist managers’ communities, for instance, as well as to local decline, abandon, and depopulation. Nevertheless, ethnographic and demographic investigations conducted in Europe in the past few decades have revealed contradictions and variability in change-dynamics, highlighting the impact of recent migration flows, the role of new inhabitants, and the many forms of negotiation on how living together, including different visions and even conflicts on practices of resource management, sustainability, and heritage. Outside Europe, researchers have underlined the emergence of new political, cultural, and ecological awareness of mountain areas’ indigenous people fighting against the environmental exploitation of their territories. All these communities are by no means bounded and isolated entities, but connected at regional, national, and global level. In our current times, marked by multi-crises in politics, global economy and above all climate change these changing communities are facing multiform uncertainties, while sharing at the same time the certainty of permanent and various risks.
This panel calls for presentations on everyday practices of coping with, resisting, adapting to, interpreting, and framing change and transformation in mountain communities, in Europe and worldwide.  It focuses on empirical studies, but also welcomes theoretical and epistemological reflections, within sociocultural sciences and humanities, in comparative, interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary perspective.

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All proposals of max. 249 words for the long abstract and max 299 characters (including spaces) for the short version, must be submitted via the website of the panel Click Here

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